Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Emergency hug

Sometimes you just have to stop everything and make someone a hug.  A friend is about to start on a grueling round of chemotherapy and I thought she needed a comfort blanket to take to the hospital with her for her sessions. 

I don't really think she is a "quilt" person, and although I do have a small pile of completed quilts, I am not sure she would have appreciated one. So on Saturday I went shopping for 1.5 metres of fleece and decided just to bind it with a wide binding. The 1 1/2 metres makes up to a square. You just need to trim the sides where the fleece has been on the huge rollers.
I cut the binding fabric into 6" strips and then sewed a 2 1/2" border and then had sewed the binding on the back.

You can also make these for children using the marvellous patterned fleeces that are now out there.

Spent an afternoon last week cutting up the fabrics for the raffle quilt for our local group who are holding a show in May next year.  All very modern fabrics which we got from Fabricworm. We will be sharing out the blocks at the first autumn meeting next week.  I will do my two this afternoon and post tomorrow so you can see some of the colours.

Right now I have to go do some work so Happy quilting to you all.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

I'm back

I am sorry that I have been so silent for so long but have not had much to say. I know I should have told you all before I disappeared.  Excuses - do I have them?  Well I have spent a lot of time machine quilting my large applique project which was shown at the Festival of Quilts last week.

How scary was that!! Here is a photo
not a very good one but I could not get far enough back to photograph it well. The good news is that you can't see the wavy bottom edge.  It was hung by a white wholecloth quilt which made it stand out.  Actually I thought it looked OK which was a miracle really as I had not seen it all spread out since I finished it.  I got some judges' comments back which were surprisingly complimentary with only one "satisfactory" for the  wavy bottom edge.

So it will now be put away our local show next May and until the Summer Fair comes around next year when it will be the first prize in the raffle and hopefully raise a pleasing amount of money.

The Festival was marvellous as usual and it was good to have enough time to return to the quilts that I really enjoyed for a second look.  The traders were calling to me as usual and here is one bundle that I bought

I just love the modern look of this collection and want to use it in the near future.

I am still working on my other applique quilt - I had thought I would do a lot of glueing on holiday but managed to do nothing and then thought I would do it all whilst watching the Olympics but being such a sports nut I decided that I did not want to be distracted from the sport and so had a totally sewing free fortnight.

Promise I will be back again before too long

Happy Quilting