Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Random is more difficult than it looks

I have been trying to compose a quilt using a bunch of squares. I saw the marvellous lesson by Elizabeth Hartmann on Craftsy about modern quilting and decided to have a go. The theory is that you cut 40 squares background fabrics and 10 squares of four different prints (the squares are cut 3.5 inches).  You haphazardly put them up on a design wall until you have a pleasing combination.

Well....................  I am not at all sure that I do random!

Here are some of the trials so far:

It's all about making sure that the colours are dispersed evenly throughout the quilt top.  Honestly after an hour and a half and many more combinations than these I am still unsure and confused. I keep on finding pathways of background fabric that need to be blocked I think.

Think I need to leave it up on the design wall for a while and go and chill somewhere else.  Will let you know what I finally decide on later in the week.

Happy quilting.