Friday, 30 September 2011

I have been sewing - honest

I have realised that it is ages since I last posted but work has been really busy and also I was fiddling around with the Christmas quilt and did not have anything really to show you.

But now I do.  The main parts of the first border are finally sewn
I was slightly disappointed by the look of it I msut say - it looked really dull but then a revlation occurred
Look at the difference the small turquoise dots and the white narcissi make - it really does come alive.
I am sewing all the dots on by hand - frankly it is quicker than trying to do them neatly on the machine and they should not take more than an evening to do. The narcissi will be machine appliqued.  I have been having problems using the monofilament thread with The Beast so it has all been sewn in a sage coloured Bottom Line thread which does not show very much at all.

I have also done a bit of work on the centre of this quilt and will try and post a photo over the weekend. It is becoming quite large already and finding somewhere to hang it in this house is not an easy thing - I will have to get my portable quilt stand out and take a photo.

Happy quilting!

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