Monday, 5 September 2011

Twelve by 12

At the Festival of Quilts there was an inspirational exhibition by Twelve by Twelve - this is an internet group of art quilters who challenge each other to make 12" square quilts every two months on a theme that is chosen by one of the members.  They have also produced a marvellous book.
Like many other people, I am sure, I tend to buy quilt books and treat them a bit like cookery books - I dive it and out when I need inspiration but on this occasion I have read this one from cover to cover.  What I find so fascinating is the different interpretations of the challenge themes. Personally, I am not a fan of themes, partly I think because I find it so difficult to find the inspiration. 

One of the groups I belong to has a Christmas challenge this year on the theme of "Cool Britannia" - I have been scratching my mind and so far have come up with a big fat zero. The challenge is only for a 5" square in a frame but that doesn't make it any easier! I don't have a problem with any sewing challenge (although I admit it may not be marvellous but I will give anything a go) but conceptual themes absolutely floor me. 

This is also causing me great concern as the people at Committed to Cloth started to mutter about concepts when I saw them at the Festival - this was in order to produce the "cloth" that I will be dyeing, printing etc.  HELP! I did tell them that I had never done any dyeing but I kind of got the idea that they thought I could not be that naive!!

Again the Quilters' Guild have a challenge for the Festival nest year "Britain - and what it means to you". That theme is so wide and you can do anything but the question is - do I really want to?

So I am sitting here in a blue funk about the Christmas challenge - sadly it is always a surprise so I won't be able to share my progress on this one - ot at least not until the big reveal (some of the members read this I think!).  I will let you know in December how I get on.

Off to continue with the Beth Ferrier applique - told you, I prefer the actual sewing!

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