Wednesday, 31 August 2011


I have been worrying about the dimensions of the Beth Ferrier quilt and last night could not stand it any longer so decided to put it all out on the floor. The borders did not seem to fit and although I had read the instructions (or so I thought) several times, I could not see a way of fixing them.
I just put out the borders first of all and somehow they did not fit.
Then I included the central panel

It was only when I saw that the points of the large feathered star came up to the points of the turquoise blocks that I realised my mistake. I suddenly realised that there must be a small plain border between the two. Once I had sussed that and did a lot of calculations on the back of an envelope I realised I had cracked it.
It was lovely to see  vaguely  how this is going to turn out - although there is still a mass of work to do.
I apologise for the pics - they are not very good but it was very late by the time I had finished.

Now off to de a further three narcissi for the central block (thanks to the NAG group for suggesting that three exra would be the ideal number!).

Back to the grind stone.  Happy quilting.

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Betweens said...

Louisa your quilt is going to be absolutely gorgeous. I can see that it will be a real heritage quilt. I am following the pattern but have not started the work. I love to follow your progress