Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Free motion quilting

I was browsing the web last night and came across a blog by Sewcalgal where she is offering a free motion quilting challenge with some of the top free motion quilters in the world. Well I thought about it for all of a minute or so and decided this is just what I need.  It is a self improvement challenge - you just have to produce one practice piece per month (and you can opt out) but the more you practice the theory is that the better you get. (if you are interested you need to scroll down to January 1 blog where there are more details).

So finally I am going to get to use the 2' x 3' white board I bought about two years ago. I am going to practice just drawing the design for a week or two before I start on the fabric.  I find it really difficult to get patterns in my brain and so I will be doing about half an hour each day and hope to improve. I spent the evening watching the tutorial video by Frances Moore, who is the tutor for January, (you can find it direct on Youtube) and then got carried away and watching the Patsy Thompson videos on YouTube as well - inspiring certainly but it also makes one feel totally inadequate.

Anyway - onwards and upwards - I am off to start drawing - will show you tomorrow how I got on.

Happy quilting.

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