Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Practice makes perfect??

I have been practising my freemotion movement on th whiteboard
Then a bit more
And finally over the whole whiteboard
Actually when I look at that it does not come out too bad - OK it is not totally even - there are gaps and also I seem to have a problem with the curve on the left hand side of my leaves i.e. back from the tip to the base of the leaf.  Most of them are not at all heart shaped and I will definitely have to work on that before I do near the sewing machine.  But the writing thing is certainly true - you do somehow get it in your brain - the basic movement and placement of the motifs and the spacial awareness of where you are in relation to other leaves.

I have a ghastly feeling that this may be an easy motif to master and that they are going to get seriously harder over the year but with two more weeks of practice I hope that my practice piece will not be too horrendous.

Happy quilting.

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Pat said...

I think it looks GREAT! I've been doing the same sort of thing on in a notebook! Happy quilting!