Monday, 20 June 2011


This afternoon I have been going through my old magazines.  I have years' worth of  patchwork magazines that I have loved reading at the time but have never made a quilt from any of the patterns. So I have decided that it is time that some of them go. The first batch were copies of Australian Patchwork and Quilting, of which I have about ten years.  I really liked seeing what was happening on the other side of the world, the adverts were always particularly good but I just can't go on giving them house room when I never make any of the patterns.

I was fairly ruthless and only cut out things that I actually thought I might make in the future or the odd tip which I knew I would forget without a prompt.

I will however keep my collection (probably about 15 years) of Quilters Newsletter Magazine. I just love this one, and it is fascinating to see when the new tools and ideas came to the fore.  Thankfully they are now only publishing every two months so the pile is growing at a slower rate.  I also get Quilting Arts which is a revelation and has a mass of techniques I want to try. And Australia still gets a look in with Quilters Companion.  Here in the UK our magazines are not brilliant and so I do not bother to subscribe to any of them.

Next will have to come the books - I am dreading this bit but I really no longer need all the basic books I have - or rather I need one, not lots. I invested in Jenny Beyer's huge encyclopaedia of blocks so I have patterns for every block under the sun and the early books I bought back in the 90s seem very dated now.

What will I do with all the magazines - well they will be offered to my students on Thursday and after that the rest will go to one of my quilting groups in September.  Anything to get them out of the house!

I did not manage to do much sewing over the weekend so have no photos to show you but will try and do something this week.

Hope you are all managing to do lots of sewing. I don't think summer is ever going to come here in London so there is lots of opportunity to catch up with projects - it seems to be more April weather and really very cold as well.

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