Thursday, 23 June 2011

Another block

Here is the "green" block finished
Only two more to go and hopefully I will be able to do them over the weekend and next week.

I am now committed - I have just put down the deposit on my new Bernina machine. It is so expensive that I can't even begin to comprehend why I am doing this. Of course, I know why - the bigger throat for quilting and the myriad of new stitches that it will have but it is very daunting.  I am going for the Bernina 820 as it does everything I need. I had a play at Sandown Quilt Show last week and I could not believe the difference it will make to the appliqueing process.  You can start the stitch programme over and over again so that you can get the "bite" stitch into the sharp points and into the deep Vs.  Most of you will have machines that can do this anyway but my present Bernina is 16 years old and has none of these finer points.  I was slightly alarmed when the expert used an instrument like a dentist's mirror to check that the bobbin was in right - and she threads machines for a living all day long!! - but I guess I will get used to it. Luckily I should have most of the summer to play and will do a bit every day - sounds rather like homework but at least it will be fun.
I should be able to collect the real machine towards the end of July and will definitely post a photo then. Thankfully I managed to get the deposit down before the price rises by 14% on 1st July - ouch!

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