Monday, 13 June 2011

Roseville corner blocks

So sorry I have not written anything for a while but work and life had to take precedence for a while. Now I am back on track for a bit.
I decided to concentrate on the four corner blocks before tackling the long borders.
Here is the first one

My first impression is that it was very "green" and so I sat on it for a day or two and quite frankly it did not improve but I decided to do all the other corner blocks first and then see how they all sat together.
So I then did two more

This is only the bare bones of the three blocks (they need a mass of circles to be added and some of them need the black bias binding.  They are not the same at all but actually I am beginning to like them. One of the most difficult things with this quilt is choosing the fabrics and with every block it seems to get harder as you want it all to blend with those you have already done.

Mind you I am really pleased with the wings and tails of the birds - they came from a marvellous flower fabric that just seems to have the feathery look I needed.
I still have the fourth block to do and that is going to take a while to do the glueing - you would not believe how complicated the leaves and flowers are and there are ten of each
So I will go and make a start.  Andy Murray is playing in the final of Queen's Club and one definitely needs something to do while watching as it is never easy to support him. Then the Tour of Switzerland beckons so I reckon that sorts out my afternoon very satisfactorily.

Tomorrow I am off the the Textile Exhibition at East Berkshire College in Windsor. I have seen some of the work that will be on display and it is mind boggling - they are certainly textile people rather than quilters but the standard is extremely high. I will try and take some photos if they let me.

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