Monday, 25 July 2011

A Beth Ferrier weekend

Finally I have got back to the Beth Ferrier quilt. I decided that I really had to make the central feathered star as I am several months behind on this block of the month project. I was going really well and then read the instructions that I ought to applique some flowers on before putting the whole star together - so I got to work.

that is the star background in bits and here is the qpplique

Thankfully there were only eight flowers to do. I hope to be able to sew them to the background today or tomorrow and finish the star. My machine is going off for a service when I collect "The beast" on Wednesday and I am terrified that I will never be able to sew again!!

On a design note, my son gave me (with a little prompting I admit) a wonderful book on colour for my birthday.

I can't claim that I discovered this on my own. On reading Sarah Fiekle's blog she said that Kaffe Fassett had been praising this book when he was touring Australia earlier in the year.  It does have the most marvellous photographs and you can skip over the bits about flower arranging.

Must away to do some work before I get down to the sewing. Thankfully the Tour of France is not finished so that will free up a bit more time for quilting.

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