Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Beast has arrived

Oh Boy - it is finally here!!!!  Went and collected my new machine (Bernina 820)this morning - how scary is that. Well a lot in my case. The man who sold it to me was so incredibly patient and showed me so many things that my head is swimming.
Apologies for the awful picture but it was so heavy that I had to leave it in the hall. Thought I would wait for helpful son to arrive home from work and he could help cart it up the stairs to my sewing room.  Just when you actually need a good strong young man, he calls and says he is out to dinner - HELP. Suddenly realised that I could unpack it all in the hall and take it up bit by bit to my room. And now it is set up
Well it works but I am going to be really anal and spend the evening reading the manual and probably watching the DVD before I tackle actual sewing. I also bought the big sewing table which will make a difference. The 1/4" patchwork foot was also included which was a bonus as we thought we would have to buy it as an extra.

If you could see the grin on my face, you would be happy for me.

Hope you are having a good sewing day as well.

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Heather said...

How exciting. I hope your learning curve isn't to big and that you are happily sewing soon. I am trying to get comfortable with my newish longarm machine and can't wait until we are on more friendly terms. :)