Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Back at last

Sorry I have not been posting for a while but work was really hectic and then I have been on holiday.  We had a marvellous week on the Ile de Re in France - lots of wonderful food and plenty of drink. Sadly the weather was not brilliant all the time but it was a fantastic break.
Here are a few photos which I am going to use for inspiration
View out of bedroom window - I really like the straight lines of the tiles - perhaps a quilting pattern?

Just love the colour of the flowers

I really love the dark red of the geraniums - never seen that colour before.
Lunch by a small harbour was a real bonus.
Hollyhocks grow everywhere - out of every crack in the road - they look so marvellous against the white walls of the houses.  They have a distinct design style on the island as all the shutters and doors have to be painted in subtle shades of blue, green and grey. You would not believe the different shades of grey you can get - you sure would want to have the paint franchise for the island!!

Lots of cottages in the town were down little alleyways with doors opening straight onto the streets - practically no cars around as the centre of the town is pedestrian only and so is very quiet - everyone travels on foot or by bicycle.

I did take some gluing and sticking to do but somehow did not manage to do very much. I will have to get my act together now that I am back.

Tomorrow more pictures - this time of markets!

Happy sewing

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