Tuesday, 18 January 2011


There is a beautiful block of the month that I badly want to start - it's huge and full of lots of applique. The last quilt I made by this designer I offered to my local church and school as the major raffle prize at the summer fair. I managed to complete the entire quilt out of stash and so only had to pay for the longarm quilting - my own machine quilting is really not good and I did not want to ruin what was promising to be a beautiful piece. Anyway I was happy to do it and thankfully it raised quite a lot of money for a good cause.

Now I have a problem - the new design needs 11 yards of background fabric. I think I can fudge all the applique and pieced block colours from my stash but the quilt is designed with a dark background - shown in black but I think dark blue would be better.(The overall theme is winter and Christmas)  Question is do I spend a shed load of money on all that fabric or do I just collect the pattern month by month and make the quilt sometime never.

I was hoping not to spend too much on supplies this year but that could get blown out of the window with this quilt.

Not to mention the other applique quilt I want to start which needs another 10 metres background as well.

So I will go and do some hand sewing and contemplate.

Here is a picture of my stash in the workroom - enough to make a few more quilts I think!

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Debbie Kelly said...

nice organization that took some work. I would like to do something like this when my sewing room is done. Thanks for the picture. Remember: He who dies with the most fabric wins !!!!!