Saturday, 22 January 2011

One down, a million to go

The pink quilt is finished - yesterday the binding went on and the quilt was washed and laid out for drying - I will leave it on the floor for two or three days so that it comes up totally square. I did put it in the tumble dryer until it was damp.

I can't claim credit for the design as I used elements from the books by Piece of Cake   Designs . The recipient of this quilt asked for a pink quilt and she certainly got one! The main background in pieced in 9" squares and 9" x 18" rectangles.  The green border is 1 1/2" x 6" blocks and the outer border is 3" squares. All the quilting is by hand - the applique pieces are quilted in a variegated Steph Francis thread - pink/red/purple for the flowers and a variegated green for the leaves.  The background is quilted in a variegated pink thread.

I still have not chosen a name for the quilt - "Pink Bouquet" or "Claudia's Bouquet" are front runners at the moment but I will ponder on it some more. It is her university quilt so I have a while before I have to sew on the label and give it to her.

I have to go and start my challenge quiltlet for the BQL challenge (BQL is a yahoo group of mainly British Quilters but with lots of quilters from overseas as well).- lots of other people have already posted their efforts and I have had to give up looking at them - they are all so good and it is easy to become distracted by what you see and think "oh yes - I could do something like that" and then you end up not thinking for yourself. The challenges before were easy as you just posted photographs when they were finished but this one is really scary as you are able to vote for your favourite five and then hopefully you will be chosen to receive that - yes we are actually swapping quilts! And you could be swapping with someone from the other side of the world.

Enough prevaricating I must get on. Hopefully you will see the results tomorrow.

I got this link from the Stashbusters goupr - just in case you are thinking of re-organising your stash - imagine the fabric she could have bought with price of the boxes.

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