Sunday, 16 January 2011

Falling off the wagon

I am meant to on "No Buy" for fabric - at least according to the Stashbusters yahoo group, to which I belong, you can buy the Bs - i.e. backings, background, borders and binding. So what did I do today - went to a fabric sale where all the local shops are selling off their stock before the new lines arrive in the spring. I even had a mental list of what I wanted to buy - 9 metres for the background to do the Kim McLean Roseville quilt and some dark blue fabric for the new Beth Ferrier block of the month. Well, I could not find anything for either cause so ended up buying more fat quarters.
In my defence the group on the left are for one of my students at the centre as she wants to make a quilt in "lavender" colours so here is a variety for her to choose from.
The middle lot - well in my view you can never have too many dots or stripes and I am sure they will eventually prove useful.
The lot on the right - I just loved the rose fabric and in fact managed to buy 3 x 1/2" metre cuts - sadly someone was in the queue in front of me and snaffled the fabric on the bolt. Now the keen eyed among you will notice that the tone on tone orange is the same fabric - what can I say!
Now off to the washing machine and will hopefully be able to iron and smooth them all tomorrow before adding them to the stash.

Managed to get six more blocks of the blue quilt sewn yesterday so not an entirely fruitless weekend.

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