Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Lots of practice

I have been practising on The Beast all weekend and after a few teething problems - I need a separate stitch plate in order to do ordinary sewing of patchwork triangles - I seriously began to panic when I first started to do some chain stitching - they came out all wavy and not straight.  All that money and it would not sew as I wanted. But I then joined the yahoo group specifically for owners of Berninas 820 and 830 and asked the inane question. Thankfully lots of comments came back and I realised that I would have to make some adjustments - my dealer is very good but is not a sewer so had no idea of the requirements of a quilter! I soon put him right and when I go and fetch my old machine this week I will be taking samples so that he can understand what quilters need to know about this machine.

Anyway, it appliques like a dream - you can press the stitch start button which will automatically do a bite stitch when you turn a corner - really really useful.

I have tried to do some machine quilting and I must say the stitch regulator does make a difference. I think I am going to really have to do daily practice until I have got a smoother result but am happy so far.

Have also been doing lots of applique pieces for the Beth Ferrier quilt - have finished the holly leaves and am now on the pears.

I could not resist starting to put the central block together
As you can see I can't finish it yet but some of the overlapping pieces can be sewn down.  I am not looking forward to the bunch of grapes next month - there are about 19 bunches to do!!!

Happy quilting!

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