Friday, 11 February 2011

An exciting delivery

I have just received a set of rulers that I ordered from Sue Pelland Designs.
Oh what a joy. They may not look very much but boy can they produce results.  What they do is cut the fabric into leaf shapes which of course can be used in a myriad of ways. The large size can produce leaf or petal shapes of 8" and the small one does 2" petals.  I have used the 6" ruler side.

Well I got straight to work and decided to make a small cot quilt. You have to mistyfuse the fabric and then you can get going with the rotary cutter

I am still thinking what I can do with the small diamond shapes which are left over.  I fused a fat quarter and managed to produce a lot of 6" leaves.  I drew a 6" grid on a metre of white fabric and laid the leaf shapes down, before ironing them into place.  In less than one hour I managed to produce this quilt top

I am now going to use some of the smaller shapes to perhaps put a flower in opposite corners and maybe a ribbon flowing from the flowers.  These rulers are amazing and I know I am going to have such fun with them all. I think I am going to appliquiquilt the project in a varigated thread and a decorative stitch.

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