Sunday, 20 February 2011


This weekend the Statshbusters yahoo group have been on retreat so I decided to take the opportunity to join in.

I managed to finish all the poinsettias for the Beth Ferrier quilt. Admittedly I did have a head start as I was able to do a lot of the glueing at my  local group's Friday morning meeting. But they are all sewn and ready to be appliqued onto the background when the time comes. All the applique for this quilt will hopefully come from my stash and I was surprised to find I had enough plainish reds. I even managed to completely use up two separate fabrics - result!
I also managed to finish the cot quilt that I started last weekend. In the end I decided (with the help of a suggestion from my friend Maggie) just to stipple quilt it and so that is what I did.  The good news is that it used up 2 1/2 metres of fabric - I am going to need all the yardage I can account for to counteract the amount of fabric that I have bought this month. It is all good fabric in the fact that it is for backgrounds but it amounts to a lot. Do you think I need include it in this month if it has not arrived - or is that cheating!
Off now to do some work on my Roseville block.

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