Saturday, 5 February 2011


Some days are more productive than others and today was one of them. I had a lot of work to do for my students - one quilt had to have the backing made and then sandwiched for the start of hand quilting next week - I still have to tack round the edge but that is for tomorrow. I also managed to stipple quilt about half of another student's quilt.

Talking about machine stippling, I can't work out why but I much prefer going backwards on the quilt - sewing into the empty space behind the needle means that I don't get tied up cornering myself or crossing over the previous sewing line. Working on the students' quilts is a great way to practice and I am slowing getting better I think.

But the joy is finally getting started on the Beth Ferrier applique quilt. The background fabric is on its way and should be here in a week or two. But I could not wait to start so I have all the pink pieces for the first 8 blocks cut out and bagged up and have finally started on the applique.

This forms part of the central motif - the raw edges will get slotted under another motif in due course.

and these will end up somewhere in the border. I have a serious grin on my face at finally having started and hope to do more tomorrow. The finials were a bit fiddily but I think will pass muster in the finished quilt.

I have been watching the Pajama Quilter Tutorial DVDs in order to help my machine quilting and she advocates using a large whiteboard which you draw on in order to make your quilting more fluid. Although I think much of it is aimed at longarm quilters, I found the technique very inspiring so I am going to invest in a board about 2' x 3' and give it a whirl. I can see the point of practising knowing where you are going and in which direction and putting it into the side of the brain where hopefully it will stay - can't remember whether it is the left or right side.

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