Tuesday, 22 February 2011

First Roseville block

I finished the first Roseville block last night. Thanks to an email from Denise (many thanks) I changed the two top flowers - I was getting too symmetrical and I am beginning to realise that this quilt is going to be anything but that.
Working with all these large patterned fabrics is certainly going to be a challenge - I am feeling slightly out of my comfort zone but maybe that is a good thing. I even made up two extra flowers with the pieces I rejected so they will go into another project sometime. I hand appliqued the black stems and decided that I just hated doing that so I have sent off for a bias binder maker which you can attach the fusible webbing to. It makes the whole thing much easier in my mind. I think the green branches stick out a bit like a sore thumb but will wait until I have finished more blocks before I decide to replace this block.

I spent this morning cutting out the templates for the next block - forgot to reverse the pattern for some pieces so have started a small collection of templates which are wrong for this quilt but will surely be good for something else in the future. In the next block there are over 60 pieces in a 16" square - what have I taken on!! I will show you a mock up when I have all the pieces cut out.

Off now to cut all the pieces for the lavender quilt for one of my students as I am teaching again tomorrow.