Monday, 7 February 2011


I spent the afternoon playing with various materials such as paintsticks, angelina fibres and spray paint for a new quilt (actually I started it last year and it has been on the back burner for some considerable time). I am attempting to create a sampler of lots of different methods - mainly for my own use and I am still not sure they will make it into a finished quilt. Here are one or two photos.
This was a piece of fabric which I sprayed with a pearly pink colour through a stencil Not sure if I like it that much but it will be used for a method of applique. I think I was a bit heavy-handed with the spray but hopefully it will dry OK.

This was a heart shape that I hand embroidered last year with a variation of feather stitch and french knots in the middle.

This is a heart made with angelina fibres.

This is a piece of fabric I created using paintsticks over a grid. Once again it will be used for an applique shape.

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