Thursday, 7 April 2011

Japanese quilt top

I have finished the charity quilt top

and here is a detail of the block and the fabric

I decided not to concentrate too much on the 40" x 48" - partly because it seemed to me that there were not many blocks (and remember this was meant to be a fairly quick quilt) which could be multiplied into these dimensions. So I have got with a generous 36" x 48".

Off to a hand quilting workshop tomorrow which I am looking forward to and hope to pick up lots of tips. I have been gathering all the necessary  equipment - the fabric is no problem - I have some plain white cotton - but the choice of thread. Oh dear - I have  6 reels of King Tut and all the wonderful threads I bought a few weeks ago from the Hand Weavers Studio. Why do I need so many - of course I don't - but I know from past experience that when I see what everyone else has brought along, I will wish that I was doing the quilting in a different colour. Does that sound familiar to any of you.  At least this is only threads - I have been known to take a large amount of my stash along to a patchwork workshop in case I decide the original choice was wrong.  It's rather like other people's plates of food in a restaurant always look better than your own and you wish you had ordered something else!!

Will let you know how I get on.

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