Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Westminster Abbey

Last week I went on a guided tour of Westminster Abbey which was completely fascinating. I don't think I have been for a proper look around for decades, although I have been to services there. Anyway, to get back to the quilt theme, they have recently unveiled the Cosmati pavement up by the High Altar. This is made up of mosaics in wonderful patchwork designs.  Sadly the tour was too quick to make lots of sketches but I managed a doodle or two and will definitely be going back. You can't take photographs in the Abbey which is a pity but I guess it would otherwise be a constant flashing as there is so much to see. On the website I saw that someone had written a book on the pavement which I will have to try and get.  If you are in the vacinity it is well worth a look.

Back now to the actual sewing!!

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