Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Roseville Block 4

I have finally managed to sew on all the flowers for the fourth block
That is the first bit and then when completed it looked like this

Now all I have to do is the basket and that is where I am coming unstuck.  On looking through my Kaffe Fassett fabrics I am not sure I have the right one, so I have been auditioning some.

There will be some reverse applique on the basket and obviously is not as square as this but it is a big one and a lot of the top fabric will show. Any thoughts as to which one is best would be more than gratefully received!!

I was teaching today and have a mass of preparation to do for next week. One girl arrived with a whole lot of fabric, which I will wash and then cut up. And another has done all the quilting she wants to but I will have to machine all the background and put on the binding for her. I have covered myself by saying that it might take me a week or two but in reality I know that she wants me to finish it asap. So no sewing of my own stuff for a day or three.

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Angie said...

they all look great...I rather like the blue on with the buttons... not that you asked, he he