Friday, 13 May 2011


Finally I have managed to attach some of the applique pieces to the background in the Beth Ferrier quilt. It is rather scary to start with the outer borders - one is going to have to make such that all the inside blocks are incredibly accurate but it certainly feels good to  have something to show for all the hard  work. I did the swags using freezer paper so will have to cut away the background fabric and  wet the fabric to remove the paper.  All that can wait until tomorrow.
The colours in these photographs has been a bit washed out - the bunting is more of a golden colour.  I am not going to sew down the second bit of the tassels just yet as some of them are going to overlap onto the adjacent blocks I think.

I have done two and have another two to do tomorrow. What a good afternoon's work.

Mind you I still have about 40 narcissus to complete but they are nearly all hand work at the moment so I can do them in the evenings.

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