Saturday, 7 May 2011

Working with colours

I have been concentrating on the applique elements of the Beth Ferrier quilt. Yesterday it was my turn to host my local group and we all sat and sewed in the garden.  I managed to do all the individual bits for the partridges
I know it still needs an eye and there is also a coxcomb to embroider on once it is appliqued to the background but they are all finished. I really did not enjoy working on all nine of these and then I suddenly realised that it was because of the colours involved. I have been working with much brighter colours recently and all the brown was a bit depressing. I know it will look OK on the quilt but in isolation I am not sure. Trying to find lemon and dark brown thread was also a challenge! Not my usual colours at all.

Also have managed to complete all 30 lemons

Now off to tackle the tassels and the narcissi flowers.

It finally managed to rain here last night so I will not have to spend ages watering the garden.

The Giro d'Italia starts this afternoon so I will need lots of hand projects in order to have something to do while watching the cycling for the next three weeks. I know that some people think it is rather like watching paint dry and admittedly all the action happens in the last ten minutes but I love looking at the marvellous landscapes and castles along the route. Sewing and cycling - what more could a girl ask for!!

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