Sunday, 1 May 2011

A quilt from the past

On one of the yahoo groups that I belong to there has been chatter about sampler quilts and whether they are a good way to teach beginners. The views were varied as you would expect but I said that I had designed a slightly different sampler quilt when I used to teach. Someone then asked for a photo and I realised that I only had a snapshot of it (done before the digital age).  Luckily I knew who had bought it so, this morning I went round and took a photograph of two of it.

The photograph is not brilliant but I think you can see the sort of thing I was trying to achieve. I no longer work in these colours so it was nice to see that it had stood the test of time - now what would it look like in batiks and Kaffe Fassett fabrics I wonder.
Here are a few more details.

Nearly all the techniques that one would expect from a more traditonal sampler quilt are there but I thought it was a more lively version.

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Helen from Hobart said...

Thanks Louisa for posting the photographs - the quilt is even better than you described it - real fun. Most inspirational.