Sunday, 8 May 2011

Making life a bit easier for yourself

Choosing to make applique quilts is not a quick option - no running up a quilt in a weekend - well not in my case anyway. And then, I am working on two large ones at once which can complicate things. So I have a strategy:

  1. Use a lap tray so that you can do your cutting out and gluing on it. There is an LED light to help you dock the pieces, a small well (meant to be used for a drink but that is far too dangerous with precious fabric around!) for snippets you have to cut off and an indent for the glue pen and cuticle stick. So everything to hand - now sit back comfortably and begin
  2. The banks here in the UK (and I am sure elsewhere in the world) are only too happy to give away small plastic packets that they like you to use when you are depositing coins. Well I have a better use for them. Each separate piece for an applique motif is put in a separate bag (i.e. all the A pieces in one bag and all the Bs in another). Then you can just take one bag at a time to do all the edges - simple yeah.  This also means that you can put a bag, the glue pen and stick in your handbag when out and do a few whenever you have the time.
  3. When cutting out masses of small shapes for the applique motif, spring loaded scissors are a real asset. They put far less strain on your fingers and have a cushioned grip.
Sometimes I put all the elements for each motif in a bag. these are all about the size of a finger nail so I certainly don't want to lose any.
Here is one of the narcissus flowers finished (I still have to sew around the yellow centre - only another 60 to go!
There will be plenty of gluing this afternoon as my son has commandeered the TV to watch a really important football (soccer) match.  I can get endless stuff done and still appear to be taking an interest.  How ever did I become a single mum who knew a great deal about football - I have no idea but the funny thing is I kind of enjoy it now after all these years.  Mind you he does put up  with my cycling passion so I guess I can't complain.

Hope you all have a good weekend.

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Mary said...

Great tips! Your posting of progress on "Christmas Yet to Come" inspires me to keep going. Thank you.