Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Quick Update

I am still glueing like mad but did manage to sew something onto the background just for you to see.
The pesky cactus flowers have taken forever and just as long to sew down as well.

I have also cheated a bit and done the baskets.
Sometimes it is nice just to have a long straight line to applique!

Sadly no more time to sew today but I am hoping to get a bit more done tomorrow.  This weekend is a retreat on the Stashbusters site and we also have an extra day's holiday here in the UK so I am hoping to get a move on.  Mind you I also have two small A4 size quilts to make for the BQL challenge - a bit short on inspiration at the moment but I am leaning towards appliqueing some leaves and then embellishing them. How many can I fit on an A4 sheet - well I guess three, perhaps I will do a range of colours through the seasons.

Off to see soe modern ballet tonight which I enjoy but it is also a very good time to quilt design I find if my mind wanders off!!

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