Monday, 7 March 2011


When my quilt group came over on Friday, I decided to demonstrate the Sue Pelland rulers.  Well I should have known better. How is it that when you are excited about something and want to share it, everything goes wrong.  Well naturally it did - I was not concentrating and suddenly had cut out a leaf shape that was totally different from all the others. I have no idea how it happened but you could see the enthusiasm of all the others gathered round waning visibly.
But once they had left I continued to cut and came up with the following design

Some of the points do not meet exactly so I am thinking of using small circles of fabric to cover the points. I have also cut out several different sizes of leaves in the same fabric and am thinking of just doing an applique quilt with the various sizes of flowers.

Also managed to get the pink blocks done for the Beth Ferrier quilt over the weekend.

Off to do some work on the third Roseville block.

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