Thursday, 10 March 2011


I played hookey from work today and had a wonderful trip to The handweavers studio in north London.
The shop was fantastic.

Lots of beautiful threads in all sorts of materials - silk, cotton, rayon, wool and many more.

What a treasure trove and needless to say I succombed and bought some.

Some are silk and some cotton and they will all be marvellous for hand quilting.  Have I got a project to use them in at the moment - no of course not, but the good thing about threads is that they don't take up much room and I can always dream.

I also went totally overboard and bought some tussah silk tops in the most marvellous colours

These are silk fibres which can be used with an embellisher. They come from Australia at Treetops colour harmonies I hope you can see them clearly in the pictures. The names of the fibres are magical - from top left
birds of paradise, thunderstorm, seahell, lavender lace, tranquil, southern seas and, at the bottom, madras.
Now all I need is to borrow an embellishing machine from my friend Maggie and see what happens. Both the madras and seashell fibres may end up in my pink heart quilt, I think.  The others - who knows!

If anyone out there and reading this has used this fibres, I would love to know what you have done with them.

Off to do some stroking!!

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pascale said...

Louisa you are so lucky to leave near those wonderful shops. I'm off to have a look at this thread on the net.