Tuesday, 1 March 2011

state of stash - February

Oh dear - I really should be slapping my wrist. I have started a database for the amount of fabric I buy and use each month and today it makes horrific reading.  I have bought a total of 27.5 metres last month - OK in justification 19.5 metres were for the background for the two large applique quilts, so at least that is already in use. There was a further 8 metres for a commission quilt (why did I think that it was going to take that much fabric!).  But on the good side I have used 7.1 metres - most of it on quilt backings and borders for my students, but at least it has now gone.  And then there was the small cot quilt that I made.

So not a brilliant result but I will try and do better in March - at least I should not HAVE to buy anything, although I will be going to the Quilters Guild Regional Day on 19th March and they always have good traders. Perhaps I should just leave my credit card at home that day.

Off to clean the house before the book group arrive this evening.  We have just read Wuthering Heights and The Snowman by Jo Nesbo. I had not heard of Nesbo before but now his name seems to be all over the placewith new books coming out all the time. He seems to be Norway's answer to Steig Larsson. A totally gripping tale that I really enjoyed.

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