Thursday, 3 March 2011

Roseville Block 2

I have finally managed to finish the second block of the Roseville quilt.
It has ended up not quite as flat as I would have liked but I think I have decided that I will have to hand quilt this quilt anyway so I will just have to do more quilting to flatten the whole thing out.  At the moment I can't still get a handle on the final colour scheme - am just trying to include the same sort of fabric in each block and hope it will all come together - if it is a disaster, I will just end up with a lot of cushions to sell!.

 But the technique is becoming clearer with each block. The fusible on the back of the bias binding has helped a lot and with the next block I am going to use the turquoise washable marker pen to draw in the stem lines and I am going to sew them all down first. Can't imagine why it has taken me this long to work out this system but hopefully it is going to be quicker.

The best news is that my local group here in London has decided to postpone their next show until spring 1213 which should give me plenty of time to finish this quilt and the Beth Ferrier as well.  It sounds an age away but I was beginning to panic when the first suggested date was autumn 1212.

Have just cut out the shapes for Block 3 and will post them as soon as they are all glued and ready for sewing.

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