Saturday, 12 March 2011

Racing track

I decided that I ought to get on with the commission for the small boy.  I had sketched the design in a notebook and thought I knew what I was doing.  So I set about making the blocks and laid them out
This did not look right at all so I went back to the sketch and realised that I had omitted a whole lot of blocks.

This looked more promising, so I filled in with some more plain blocks

That is more like it.  Now for a mock up of one of the corners. There will be a chicane in each corner.

Now I see it, I am not sure about the small blue piece sticking out into the yellow and wonder if I should keep the blue to the inside and the yellow to the outside. I could do a curved piece of the blue to continue the blue all the way round and a cresent shape of the background fabric.
Anyone else got any suggestions?

I will go and sew the three middle rows together and see what inspiration strikes.

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