Saturday, 6 August 2011

All up to date

Well I have been working hard to get up to date with all the elements of the Beth Ferrier quilt - I had put it aside for a few weeks and now felt I had to catch up.
All the pears are done
and also the holly leaves

Now all I have to do is embroider the eyes on the partridges but that will have to wait until I go to Festival to buy some white thread.

The Beast has been behaving very well and makes the blind hemming of all these pieces much easier (you can press the pattern start button at any time to take more bites into the top applique which is brilliant to sew at sharp points.

The next month's instalment will mean that I have all the pieced blocks and so will be able to sew up all the borders which will make it really feel as if I am making progress.

I now have the new stitch plate for The Beast and so can start doing some chain stitching of triangles. Thank goodness for the yahoo group which is wonderful at sharing information and makes the whole experience less scary. The screwdriver for changing the needle, which I got with the machine, did not work but thankfully my dealer was able to give me another one so I can use the smaller needles.

Now I must go and tidy up the sewing room - it has been getting in a real mess and I have already spent more than enough time trying to find some applique pieces that I thought I had lost.

Happy quilting.

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