Sunday, 28 August 2011

I have been busy

I have been busy working on the Beth Ferrier quilt - we got the latest instructions last week and I needed to get on and catch up. I did the sixteen small purple blocks which has enabled me to put all the borders together. The ones on the right are the inside borders and the ones on the left are the outer ones.
Then I started to put the bunches of grapes together. These are incredibly fiddly and the sewing was even worse as you could not do it in a continuous fashion but kept on having to stop and start.

The ensemble is less than 6" long so you can imagine the size of the pieces.  I have only cut out a few as I wanted to see how they worked. This is going to be a hugh amount of work.

But I have all the elements for the central panel so I shall try and applique it this evening.

More photos tomorrow.

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