Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Festival of Quilts

A really quick post as I am busy getting ready to go to Festival tomorrow.  Have money (not much of it admittedly after buying The Beast) and a credit card. Am going to try really hard not to buy any more fabric but never know!

I have a small shopping list - a super slider for my new machine for machine quilting, a look at Invisfil thread which I have seen on the Bernina yahoo group seems to be good for applique and quilting. Some new turquoise pens for drawing quilting designs - why do they always run out so quickly? I seem to get through masses of them with my students and I need to throw away all those I have a start again. Also some more bobbins for the new machine and another box to house all my threads - oh dear that all sounds rather expensive!!

I hope to have some photos to upload of the quilts I like best at the show - I will try and post on Sunday - stay tuned!

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