Monday, 29 August 2011

Busy Bee

Today I had a change of tack as the measurements on the borders I sewed yesterday do not tally up the central block. I think the borders are too long but as this is a block of the month project, I am just waiting for confirmation that I still need them to be this length - if not, there will be a fair amount of unpicking and resewing to do.
So I decided to get on a start on the large applique patterns - oh boy was I in trouble. I had all the various elements glued and sewn and piled up neatly but then I realised that I should have put those elements of each design in separate piles.  Still with a very liberal sprinkling of glue I managed to get the main elements of the borders put together.
These are mirror images of each other and here is a close up detail

Then there are the partridge blocks

and a detail

I also managed to sew all the applique down on the central panel

and here is a detail. I don't think that I got the positioning of the central motifs exactly right and so I might add two more narcissi flowers underneath - will auditioning them tomorrow.

So in a way it has been a productive weekend.  Like most things in life, one's quilting life never runs smoothly but I do have quite a lot to show for it - thankfully.

Happy quilting.

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