Monday, 8 August 2011

Just like buses ...

Sometimes the post brings presents and today I received two magazines
Both very different but I really like them. The Quilting Arts one is full of inspiration - at the moment I am not at all proficient on all the arty side of quilting but some of it is really interesting and hopefully when I have done the Committed to Cloth workshops next year I will be more clued up. I am going to do the dyeing and printing course which should produce more metres of fabric fairly quickly!!

The Quilters Companion is more of a projects magazine but has some really good editorial contents as well - this month has a good article on machine quilting which looks good.

Have spent the afternoon sewing more of my blue triangles - just mindless sewing but I wanted to try out my new stitch plate and the dual feed on The Beast. A great improvement thankfully so I am very encouraged.

Happy sewing!

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